SPROUT is rebranding and sprouting back
The Sports Recreation and Outdoors Trust (SPROUT) is a charitable, voluntary and non-profitable trust to educate, encourage, promote and provide opportunities in sports, recreation and outdoor pursuits to achieve greater wellbeing for people of South Asian origin, but not limited to South Asians, in New Zealand. 3.1.1. To raise awareness of health risks in Kiwi South Asians and encourage participation in physical and outdoor activities to control or manage those risks 3.1.2. To establish and support practices that include physical activity as a means to achieve better health outcomes 3.1.3. To bring about a better understanding of a healthy lifestyle through physical activities and outdoor pursuits to the South Asian community in New Zealand 3.1.4. To promote, establish (including facilitating the establishment for others), operate or maintain facilities for physical activities, program, academy, skills and coaching training as may benefit the wider South Asian community.

SPROUT, since its establishment in 2009 has been a household name in the area of promotion of physical fitness, sports, recreation, outdoor activities and more.

For the past a few years due to unavailability of volunteers, several of the programs that were initiated were inoperational or there was decline in engagement.

With new lifestyle related issues, increased stress & strain in relationships, career, personal life in our communities, SPROUT has increased relevance and responsibility to reintroduce and promote healthy lifestyle, increased mental health, sports, recreation and outdoors in everyday life.

SPROUT shall sprout again with new enthusiasm, new programs, new features and new energy to keep the spirit of the organisation.

Very soon we are launching our new web portal in pursuit of our revitalising our organisation.

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