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Support SPROUT: Make a Difference in New Zealand Communities

Welcome to SPROUT's donation page! Your generosity helps us empower communities across New Zealand by promoting physical and mental well-being through sports, recreation, and outdoor activities. Together, we can create a positive impact and improve the quality of life for individuals and families throughout the country. Here's how your donation can make a difference:

How Your Donation Helps:

  • Sports Programs: Support youth and adults by funding equipment, facilities, and coaching for sports activities.
  • Recreational Activities: Provide access to diverse recreational options such as dance classes, yoga sessions, and art workshops.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Help us organize guided hikes, camping trips, and other outdoor experiences for people of all ages.
  • Community Events: Contribute to the planning and execution of events that promote inclusivity and encourage active, healthy lifestyles.
  • Education and Resources: Support our initiatives to provide educational resources and workshops on physical and mental health.
  • Science Fairs: Help us support organise various fairs for school and college going children to excel in education and have healthy mind and body.
  • Career Workshops: Contribute to the cause of career and professional development for migrants and refugees and have stress free mental setup.

Ways to Donate:

  • One-Time Donation: Make a single contribution in any amount to support our mission.
  • Recurring Donation: Choose to give regularly (monthly, quarterly, or annually) and provide ongoing support to our programs.
  • Corporate Giving: Engage your business in charitable giving and explore partnership opportunities with SPROUT.
  • In-Kind Donations: Contribute goods or services that can benefit our programs and community events.

How to Donate:

  1. Online: Use our secure online payment form to make a donation with your credit card or debit card.
  2. Bank Transfer: Please find our bank details below to transfer funds directly from your bank account.
  3. By Mail: Please send a demand draft payable to SPROUT (Sports Recreation and Outdoors Trust) at the address provided on our contact page.

Why Donate to SPROUT?

  • Tax Deductible: All your donation over $5 is tax-deductible (33%); please read further details about tax credit for donation on IRD portal.
  • Community Impact: Your support directly benefits individuals and families, fostering healthier, more vibrant communities.
  • Transparency: We prioritise financial transparency and provide regular updates on how your donations are used.

    Thank You for Your Support! Your generosity fuels our mission and allows us to continue creating positive change in New Zealand. Together, we can help individuals, families and communities thrive and build a brighter future for all. Thank you for considering a donation to SPROUT!

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