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The Sports Recreation and Outdoors Trust (SPROUT) is a registered charity organisation (CC37699) in New Zealand dedicated to supporting physical and mental health while improving the lifestyle of local communities. SPROUT promotes active living and well-being by offering access to sports, recreational activities, and outdoor adventures. The charity works to provide resources, programs, and events that encourage people of all ages to engage in physical activity and connect with nature. SPROUT aims to create inclusive and vibrant communities by fostering a love for sports and outdoor activities, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of life for individuals and families across New Zealand.

Promoting Sports

Take your fitness to next level

Embrace the power of sports and elevate your mind, body, and spirit!

Promoting Recreation

Experience the joy of recreation

Take a break from your routine and explore tolive life to the fullest!

Promoting Outdoors

Discover the power of nature

Reconnect with nature, find yourself be indulging an adventure activity!

Promoting Wellbeing

Unlock your true potential

Learn to prioritise your activities for healthy and happier and resilient you! 

our services

SPROUT Services

what we offer

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We have range of projects, events, activities and programs focused on enhancing physical and mental well-being in New Zealand communities. These include sports programs, recreational activities, outdoor adventures, science habits, career growth and healthy practices, all designed to foster healthy lifestyles and vibrant, inclusive environments for individuals and families.

We support and collaborate with other charities and nonprofits on various projects that are aligned with our vision, mission and values.


Activities related all indoor, outdoor sports and games.

SPROUT Science

Activities related to science, technology and mathematics.

SPROUT Recreation

Activities related to all indoor, outdoor recreation and events.


Activities related to job search, career pathway, and professional development..

SPROUT Outdoors

Activities related to outdoors like trekking, walks, camping, outings etc.


Activities related to yoga, pranayam, meditation and mental health. 

Get control and direction.

SPROUT your life today!

Spice up your life with SPROUT

  • Indulge in sports, recreation and outdoor activities
  • Make yoga, pranayam and other meditation part of your routine
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle and learn ways to preclude stress and strain
  • Become more resilient by enhancing your mental wellbeing
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family outing
our testimonials

SPROUT testimonials

what people have to say

SPROUT helped me enjoy my personal life while having a sound career.
Celina Martin IT professional
Long working hours won't bother me anymore, thanks to SPROUT.
Tony Smith Social Worker
The power of working out a few minutes in a day has transformed my life.
Alena Due Business Person
our trustees


Who are our team

Computer Science Engineer by qualification worked as Assistant Professor in tertiary institution for 6+ years. I have transitioned into Data Engineering space after my Post Graduation at University of Waikato majoring in Data Science.

I am a data enthusiast who loves playing around with data, designing and building data warehouse. I love to have end to end picture of what I am working on.

I have passion and dedication towards hands-on technological industry with direct societal benefit.
A Chartered Mechanical Engineer and a research scientist. A professional consultant in the area of digital transformation, climate change and sustainability.

My expertise lies in delivering large & complex projects running parallelly in a cross cultural environment and under high pressure, with a focus on leadership, customer-centric product architecture, and on-time project delivery.

I love being a part of the solution through my strengths including problem-solving, dealing with uncertainties, and innovation, allowing me to synthesize solutions that cater to the primary, secondary, and tertiary requirements of the problem definition. 

our plans

SPROUT Membership Plans

various plans to choose from

Basic Plan


Per Year Per Person

  • Become a member
  • Get access to all newsletters
  • Get access to all sports activities
  • Get access to all recreation activities
  • Get access to all outdoor activities
  • Get access to all learning resources
  • Get access to personal counselling
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Pro Plan


Per Year Per Person

  • Become a member
  • Get access to all newsletters
  • Get discounts to all sports activities
  • Discounts to all recreation activities
  • Get discounts to all outdoor activities
  • Discounts to all learning resources
  • Discounts to personal counselling
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Family Plan


Per Year Per Family

  • Become a member
  • Get access to all newsletters
  • Get discounts to all sports activities
  • Get discounts to all recreation activities
  • Get discounts to all outdoor activities
  • Get discounts to all learning resources
  • Get discounts to personal counselling
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Person means individual, can be a child or an adult. 

Family means group of individuals having same address and contact details, of any size starting from two persons upto max. of ten persons.

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